We work with whole classes of children in small groups to produce up to 10 sculptures. 

We can work with up to 45 children at one time (with adult support from the school) or up to 90 in one day.

The sculptures can be left 'open' so they can live outside or are covered with tissue paper and stay inside. 

All workshops last all day. 

We work with all key stages and tailor the day to your needs.

We also cater for adult groups and team building days.

The cost of the day is £540 (ex VAT).  This is the fully inclusive cost for travel, accommodation and all materials.

NB.  We are almost fully booked until Summer 2018.  Please visit the bookings page at www.makeyourownhistory.co.uk to see current availability.  Thank you.

We also run FULLY INTERACTIVE HISTORY WORKSHOPS. visit www.makeyourownhistory.co.uk